About the Author

25 years ago together with Leopold Bauernfeind, Helmut Fallmann founded the software company Fabasoft. Today he is a member of the Managing Board of the Fabasoft AG.

Fabasoft has established itself as a leading European software vendor and cloud provider with headquarters in Linz.
Even in his school days, Helmut Fallmann was interested in software programming - the milestone for his career was laid. His vision of enterprise-relevant business processes that run continuously and digitally anywhere, he realized with Fabasoft.
As a visionary and a committed European, he is particularly committed to the European economy. The potential value of the European IT industry needs, the entrepreneur is convinced, has to be used to a greater extent. For the IT supply business location Europe must not be left to the USA!
Consequently, Helmut Fallmann also calls for the important political framework for a common European cloud industry. Because cloud computing has established itself in America as an economic engine. European IT companies need to share control not to lose the lucrative IT market to American companies. Therefore Helmut Fallmann has an overarching goal: "Clouds of United Europe".
Fabasoft is a leading European software manufacturer for Enterprise Content Management and provider of the European Cloud for international Business-to-Business collaboration, with its head office in Linz, Austria. The company specializes in providing solutions for the secure creation, organization and storage of business documents as well as for informal and structured collaboration - internally and externally with international business partners.